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North High's New Gym Set to Bring Pride to the School and to the Community

By Kyle Wylie
Coordinator of School Support Services, KHSD
Since 1953, North High School's basketball gym has witnessed some pretty amazing athletic events. Curt Derosset was a fixture for the North High Girl's Basketball program as he coached them to numerous league and valley championships. The gym floor witnessed some exceptional hoops talent from the likes of Karen Langston, Josh Williams, Johnnie Machado, and Richie Bolin to name just a few. There is a Kevin Harvick racing suit that hangs from the east wall as well as a Colby Lewis jersey to remind the community of the legacies and traditions of North High School. Names of the top athletes and the championship banners from the past decades decorate the gym to further demonstrate the lasting success of the Stars. Despite such tradition, time has led to some maintenance issues, primarily issues with the roof.
With these issues, North High is getting ready to open its doors to a brand new gym and facility of which will be the premiere place for basketball and other events for the city of Bakersfield. North High plans to open its doors to the new gym on November 27, 2017 for a non league basketball game between the Stars and the Centennial High School Golden Hawks as both the Varsity Boys and Girls will be playing that night. The gym is indeed impressive: it has the ability to host three simultaneous basketball games, brand new boys and girls locker room for the students of North High, air conditioning, attached classroom, team rooms, large concession stands, large bathrooms, tons of storage, and plenty of STARS to give the school and community a sense of pride.
The new gym at North High School dons a giant Star and will be a sense of pride for the school and for Oildale. 
The gym will be able to host its KSFCU Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament without
having to rely on other locations such as other high schools or junior high schools.
"The student body is excited about the new gym," said current Athletic Director Brian Huens, "This gym will bring positive publicity and will be a great place of pride for the students and community of Oildale. We will still have the older gym and will be able to use it, but this new gym allows us to house our Kern Schools Federal Credit Union Varsity Boys Basketball Tournament at North High School without having to use other locations such as other high schools or junior high schools. Moreover, we've been approved to host the CIF Master's Wrestling Tournament next winter which is exciting for our school and community."
"Oildale is sometimes a forgotten community in Bakersfield," said former Assistant Principal of Administration Steve Johnson, "I truly believe that this gym will be a strong presence in the community and can help bridge the gap between the community and its organizations like NOR and others that directly impact our students."
"This gym is great for North High and the community of Oildale and North can now host a number of events to show off the wonderful things that they are doing," stated former Athletic Director Steve Faulk.
From Left to Right: Current Athletic Director Brian Huens, Former Assistant Principal of Administration Steve Johnson,
Former Athletic Director Steve Faulk at the new gym at North High School.
The hope is that the new gym will create more traditions and legacies like the ones that hang from the rafters of the old gym. The hope is that the new gym will be a symbol of pride for a community that is sometimes forgotten. The hope is that the new gym will show the rest of Bakersfield the positive things that are happening at North High. "The gym will be a visible piece of all the great things that are happening at North High School. This gym will be at the center of pride for North High and the community of Oildale. This gym is further evidence that we as a school are moving in the right direction," current Principal Mark Balch