KHSD Transportation

From L to R: Ariel Muro (KHSD Bus Driver, 8 years), Juan Garcia (KHSD Bus Driver, 4 years), Jessica Millan (KHSD Bus Driver, 4 years), Maria Carpio (KHSD Bus Driver, 18 years), Michelle Muñoz (KHSD Bus Driver, 24 years).
The Kern High School District (KHSD) Transportation Department provides more than just buses for the district. This department is responsible for managing the entire fleet of district vehicles, ensuring their maintenance, and planning efficient route schedules. However, they’re foremost priority is to ensure the safe and reliable transportation of numerous students across the district.

KHSD’s Transportation Department consists of bus drivers, transportation aides, dispatchers, maintenance technicians, and administrative staff, all overseen by Director Jason Fowler.

The district employs 172 bus drivers who play a crucial role beyond getting students to and from school. These drivers are also responsible for transporting students to various events, including band competitions, athletic contests, graduation night celebrations, and a range of other field trips.

Transportation aides primarily assist in safely transporting KHSD’s special needs students. They offer assistance loading and unloading mobility aids and provide extra supervision on the way to and from school or other locations.

Dispatchers schedule routes, assign vehicles, and inform drivers of updated traffic conditions (closed roads, unsafe driving conditions, etc). Dispatchers and administrative staff ensure the transportation department is operating smoothly.

Maintenance repairs and maintains more than 2,500 pieces of district-owned equipment including all KHSD golf carts, trucks, tractors, trailers, cars, police vehicles, and of course all 250 buses.

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Jason Fowler, Director of Transportation