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Get To Know Your ASB President- Nick Aguirre


Name:  Nick Aguirre

School: Shafter High

What are your goals for your presidency this year?

My goal this year is to make the 2020-21 school year as fun and enjoyable as possible for Shafter High students.

How do you feel about your leadership team?

My leadership team is definitely one of the best in the county. We are a tight knit family with a lot of energy and ideas. It’s a pleasure to have them alongside me.

What kind of music do you like listening too?

I love all types of music, but my favorite is rap and old Hip-Hop.

Who are your inspirations?

My biggest inspirations are my parents. Both of my parents grew up poor and through hard work they were both able to pay for their college tuition, graduate, and become successful people.

What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear is failure. I’m super competitive and very hard on myself. I hate to let myself and other people down.

What motivates you to work hard?

My parents motivate me to work hard. I want to always do better and succeed so that one day I can pay them back for all they've done for me. I definitely get my work ethic from them. 

How would your friends describe you?

They would describe me as hardworking, competitive, and outgoing.

What makes you laugh the most?

Hanging out with my friends. It doesn't matter what we're doing or where we're at, they can always make me laugh.

What is one thing you are really bad at?

I can’t draw to save my life.

What is one thing you are really good at?

I  am able to make friends and work well with different types of people.

What shows are you binge-watching?

I love to watch Everybody Hates Chris. It’s one my favorite show of all time.

What is your favorite season?

I can’t pick a season.

Who are some of your favorite teachers?

I can honestly say all Shafter High staff is amazing all around, but besides my coaches, I would say Ms. Ciaravino, Mr. Ellis, Mrs. Salinas, and Mrs. Gomez.

What has been your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject has been history.